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Here you are. . .engaged!  You’re excited, but then, as the gravity of the situation starts to sink in, your emotions change into being scared; nervous. Only one thing to do! Pour all of your thoughts and energy towards one goal: Your wedding day.

So much to do and such little time!  But really, it’s not – such little time I mean.  You have months and months.  In comparison, the wedding day itself is only 24 hours.  Is this the right time to tell you to stop and smell the roses?  Maybe not, but I have to try.  First off, let’s recognize that all of the nervousness is because you have talked yourself into the fact that this will be the greatest day of your life.  Maybe, but I hope not.  This is just one in a series of many wonderful days to come.

This day of 24 hours is the catalyst for an amazing journey, the wedding planning experience.  How wonderful this trip is going to be!  You get to choose caterers and taste gourmet food; pick all of your favorite songs, then play them; taste cake; take a peek into the past to seek out family traditions, or, make new traditions of your own.  All the places you’ll go, all the people you’ll see.  I am so happy for you!

So now, how can I help you?  You can imagine that I have been around the block a few times having planned close to 400 weddings.  But it wasn’t until a mother-of-the-bride commented that she actually had to buy 5 different planning books to get everything she needed.  And the crap she had to wade through to get answers was exasperating to her!  With that in mind I went about designing a new method.  I took all of the fun, ideas and inspirations I could think of and created my Vision Cards.  I then put all of the no-nonsense stuff into an easy to navigate guide on how to figure out what things are needed and what they are going to cost in my Straight-Up Planner.  Then just for fun – Signature Drinks!

But I am not done. . .  There are dozens of ways to help make the planning journey as fun as the wedding day.  Enjoy and browse my site. I hope that some of the ideas you find here will help add joy to the magical time between engagement and wedding day.

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All the best, Patrice

NOTE:  I am working on a series of videos to help in your planning process, so check back soon to see what I have come up with!