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There is a reason people get so excited when a couple becomes engaged! The period between engagement and wedding day can best be described as a magical time, when a couple spends their days planning for an once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and their nights dreaming about their new life together. From the moment she (or he) says “Yes!” the excitement begins and thoughts turn to wedding gowns and tuxes, who will be in the wedding party, and who will make the guest list.

I am Patrice, and I have spent my entire career as a professional wedding planner in California, creating whimsical, charming, and intimate settings for couples on their big day. My passion is bringing to life the inner vision of a bride and groom, putting together each piece of the puzzle to reveal a perfectly planned wedding day that goes off without a hitch. I know the many hours of research and communication required to make sure no stone is left unturned – from the attire, to the flowers, catering, music, and more. Many of my clients have told me I made their wildest dreams a reality and created their ideal wedding, something they never thought they could do on their own.

As much as I would love to help every couple look, feel, and experience the wedding day the way he or she envisions, I am only one woman, which is why I was inspired to create, where you’ll find planning tools and insights I have developed to assist with planning the wedding you’ve always wanted. Affordable and easy to understand, my product line gives you practical guidelines and imaginative ideas which allows couples to dream big, but with a real understanding of what needs to be accomplished.
You’ll find yourself feeling empowered and enjoying the experience of planning your wedding, thanks to the organizational expertise of my Straight Up Planner and my inspirational wedding vision cards and books.

Armed with practical knowledge, which you’ll gain through the highly informative and helpful Straight Up Planner and the other inspirational products I have provided, a bride or groom will know just how to recognize the kind of professionals needed to create any style of affair.

On the day of the wedding there is so much to do, and the atmosphere is alight with excitement. This is the critical time where all the careful planning must be executed to perfection from the hair and makeup arrangements to transportation, the wedding music, and all of the other important inclusions. My planning preparedness tools will help you go into your wedding day knowing just how things should go, and what to do when things take an unexpected turn as well.

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Giving the gift of wedding planning assistance, in my opinion, is the perfect engagement present for any couple. Not only will you endow them with knowledge, but you’ll relieve the overwhelming feeling most couples get when confronted with making the wedding they imagine happen in real life. Giving these priceless tools to a couple during this magical time will allow them to plan their wedding together, on a well-paced schedule, which allows for plenty of time together celebrating their accomplishments.

By the time the big day rolls around, I know that no amount of planning can ever seem like enough, but with the tools and wedding planning advice you’ll find on, any bride and groom can navigate through this complex planning process and accomplish a wedding they may only have fantasized about; one that is truly a representation of her, of him, and of their love story as a couple. Every groom deserves to stand at the altar, beaming with anticipation as the soon-to-be wife of his dreams walks down the aisle in bridal glory, surrounded by their friends and family in a setting that says “This is who we are.”

Feel free to browse the site, and enjoy the information I have to offer. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me directly. If you are interested in my wedding planning services, please visit Arranged By Patrice.