Do you really want to know what’s going on?

Shit happens.  It just does. I was working a wedding at a cozy little restaurant, on a cliff, overlooking the ocean.  Amazing.  However, the restaurant staff there was not seasoned in the wedding industry as I would have liked. I walked into the reception area and noticed two bus boys picking up the cake table… Read more »

What’s a little spilt martini at your wedding?

  From behind the veil. . .musings of a wedding planner. . . Trust me, weddings are never flawless.  Even when the bride and groom are having a glorious time, someone is creating drama somewhere. Okay, my worst case scenario?  Groom’s parents split up during the wedding planning process; all of a sudden the wedding… Read more »

Embracing the Day!

You’re engaged!  You are so excited.  You have dreamed about having a garden wedding in the spring when Mother Nature is at her finest.  You know just the place.  Without another thought in your head, you race to book the site.  You are all set! Another day, another bride . . . this bride woke… Read more »

Even the perfect wedding. . .

  Even with a perfect wedding there is always some kind of drama.  Even on the dance floor! Case in point: A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of putting on the perfect wedding.  The couple was older; money was not a problem; small guest list; amazing food; beautiful surroundings.  You would think… Read more »